VRayforC4D 3.25 Official preview and beta announcement

Thursday, 13 August 2015 15:18

VRayforC4D 3.25 is finally announced and much more!

Probably the most anticipated update of the popupar render engine for CINEMA 4D has been announced. Alongside the video which Stefan from LaubLab released we now have a full feature list for the upcoming 3.25 version.

Some of the most impactuful features include:

Full production V-Ray RT

Embree support - no your C4D version is not limiting you anymore from having the awesome speed boost by Intel

Great speed improvements via the latest V-Ray 3 engine

New sampling mode - Progressive sampler - which give the user close to instant visual feedback

The new and awesome GTR reflection model (replacing the GGX)

Fully functional Multipass, including my personal favorite - Vray Light Select Pass

New shaders, including VRay Skin material

You can read the full feature list over at 3stools.info.

Beta and Pricing

The last piece of great news is that we will enjoy a Open beta stage starting in September. As if that's not cool enough (geek boner) all new licenses (from August the 15th on) will get the uopdate for free.

preview image by Rich Nosworthy

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