Rotating the VRayDomeLight

Thursday, 03 December 2015 14:47

so rotating HDRIs?

Sounds basic enough, right? Weell..
In the good old days when we didn't have to worry for distributed rendering incompatible shaders we'd just put a transform effect inside a layer shader and call it a day.

These days, since we are all gready and want to use as much CPU power as possible a new solution is needed.

Let's set the panning of the hdr image aside for now.
How can we rotate the DomeLight on more than one axis?
More precisely, can we rotate it not only on the heading (that big H on the 3rd column), but also on the Pitch (P)?

Why do we even want to achive that?

Well, it gives you much greater control over the placement of your reflections.
Especially if you plan to add the background in post and have the DomeLight hidden from the camera.


The solution is quite simple.

Step 1. Add a Null object to the scene. It will be used only for controlling how the relfections are seen by the camera. (gallery image 01)
Step 2. Add a Constraint tag to all your objects/groups (Yes, on all of them) except the DomeLight. (gallery image 02)
Step 3. Rotate the Null on its Pitch. That's it! See the example below (rotation step apxx. 30 degrees)

et voilà!

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